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The club is a former reading room, which later became a men's club. Some committee minutes from the 1950’s still exist and here is an interesting selection…

14th February 1955

National Service

Proposed and seconded that all members who had paid subscriptions in full previous to being called for National Service would be allowed to free access and membership during and until such time that they should be discharged from M. H. Forces.



23rd June 1948

It was proposed that the wireless be removed from the main club room and be fitted in the small of the annex. A speaker to be fixed into the club room if this was found necessary.


14th June 1949

Proposed that the club wireless be put in order


14th Feb 1955

A sub committee was setup to deal with the purchase of a wireless set suitable for club recreation


13th March 1955

A wireless set to be purchased and installed as soon as possible


14th April 1950


It was proposed that a ballot of the whole membership should be taken to decide whether or not a television should be installed in the annex of the building


1st May 1950

The result of the television ballot was 43 in favour and 44 against

Sports and tournaments


14th April 1950

Proposed that no frame of snooker or billiards be commenced after 10:15pm


12th February 1957

The prizes for the snooker tournament will be £1 for the winning finalist and 10's for the losing finalist


14th April 1955

The president renewed his appeal to club members take a more active part in club affairs and expressed once again the need of more interest in tournaments and club trophy's


2nd March 1956

The president presented prizes for the respective winners of the competitions played during the previous year and congratulated the winners. But the president asked members to support the tournaments more fully so that the fine array of silver cups could be played for and presented annually.


June 12th 1956

Price Increases

It was agreed the following :

EIPA (best bitter) should be increased by 1d a pint, Bass by 1/2d a glass and cider by 2d a flagon. Taverns to remain the same price.



June 12th 1956

It was proposed and seconded that a High Stool be purchased for the use of the steward

Free Drinks


11th December 1956

It was proposed and seconded that a ‘Free drink’ to the value of 1/6 (one and sixpence) would be made available to members over the Christmas holiday period 23rd December until Friday 27th December 1956

14th April 1950

A proposition was put that members wives and their lady friends be admitted to the annex of the club only on Saturday and Sunday Evenings and evenings of all Bank Holidays. The proposition was carried by 23 votes to 3


14th January 1955

Proposed acceptance of youths from 14 to 18 years of age as associate members. Membership limited to 24 associates at any one time and members proposed and accepted under normal club procedure


28th January 1956

The secretary expresses concern regarding the bad language which was hear on the club premises and he would be pleased if the committee could assist in curbing certain members especially with the young associate members.


Meeting Tuesday 14th June 1955


The meeting discussed the fire which destroyed the hall and annex adjoining the club in the early hours of Friday 10th June 1955. It was agreed that the clubs insurance brokers should be contacted.


12th July 1955

A sub-committee was appointed to deal with the fire damage had met with the insurance brokers. The damage assessment was $380.12.0 interior fittings, £1,507.8.8 for the hall and annex, a total of £1,888.0.8


14th August 1956

The account from the builders for repairs and supplying materials after the damage caused by the fire on 10th June 1955. Windows, fixing new bolt to west door £2.1.10, Work carried out £29.10.1 Materials £18.3.0. Total £49.14.10


9th October 1956

New building plans passed by the District Council Town and Country Planning committee, subject to the club agreeing to connect up to the main drainage. Tenders sent to two builders


22nd January 1957

An estimate was accepted for the rebuilding of the hall in accordance with plans the sum of £1,350.0.0.


10th December 1957


A report of Larceny was made. It reported by the steward that the club premises had been entered on the night on 14th November 1957 and that a small quantity of spirits (miniatures) and cigarettes along with (approx) ¼ bottle port and a few packets of nuts and 1 bottle of stout along with keys to the doors within the club building. Secretary to make a claim to the insurance company.


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